Smooth Sculpt Treatments

Smooth Sculpt

SmoothSculpt by Satin Smooth introduces breakthrough technology focusing on Firming and Smooth SculptTightening Skin working with the Extra Cellular Matrix. (ECM) which is a FILTER SYSTEM which sits between blood vessels, nerves and cells. Over time, cellular debris and toxins accumulate and create skin dibbles or cellulite.

The science behind the SmoothSculpt is to unclog the stagnation and congestion, while breaking down fat and reducing the appearance of cellulite with the pulsing and suction effects. The treatment is chemical free, there are no injections, no down time and there are noticeable results based on your age, and diet. SmoothSculpt is also a great alternative for individuals who have had dramatic weight loss, as the system simulates collagen while plumping and firming.

Smooth Sculpt

Contouring and Sculpting the Face and Body. Full Face or an area the size of a piece of paper (8×11) on the body

30 Minute Neck Line Enhancer

Neck or the back of the Arms to firm and tighten

15 Minute Bag Reducing Eye Treatment


15 Minute Cheek Contouring Treatment


15 Minute Lip Plumper Treatment